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Hey welcome to the VIP section!

Photo by Hasan Albari from Pexels

You made it. This is the place I share details about my creative process, what music I'm working on, and the meaning to some of my songs.  Here we'll listen to unreleased songs and watch exclusive content.  Sit back relax, enjoy yourself, drinks are on the way, if that's your thing and do mingle I'll be right back!

                                           Int. club 

V - Steps on Stage

V - It's gone be a Party ya'll!   Crowd - Yeah!

V - How y'all doing in here tonight!  Say Yeah if you feeling Good! 

Crowd - Yeah! 

V - Now just because you came here by yourself doesn't mean you need to leave here by yourself!  Know what I mean?  It's okay we all grown in here!

                                 Yo I know this song is far from how the pandemic has us acting these days, but as the pandemic eases and we move on.......  I think this song could fit right in to usher us in to slow dancing at the house party or the club (at half capacity of course) Should we do a studio version of "My Body"?  This was a live rehearsal of the song that I felt had some potential.  We'll see how the response goes for this post.  See you at the party!