Kid Vicious

Kid Vicious

Who was Kid Vicious?

Yeah ,I don't know, Kid Vicious.  Who knows?  I don't know who the hell came up with that shit.  Probably one of the peoples that was around me at that time, It was a mad transition at that point in my life, coming out of the military.

Who I was as an artist was somewhere between a rapper and an R&B singer.
So it was just straight up my refusal to conform to either one.
So I had songs like Coochie Patrol........817 Dial U Freaky Deak......Supa Witch.
Supa Witch.... Yeah......

So Kid Vicious, lets see who was around me, rapper name G Swift from the West Coast.  Marine Corps, homie Mack.  Stoney Kane out of Chicago, Suavel out of Chicago.  Those two fellas were the guys on Coochie Patrol.

I'm going to post some of these songs on YouTube that Vince Mitchell flavor,
that V2 flavor back in the day.  V2, you know what I'm saying?